My review published twice on TripAdvisor and twice erased



Almost two years have passed and still I can’t believe what happened at SABI SABI, the place that boasts being one of the most exclusive in the world and that is honoured to be the excellence in hospitality: we booked a three-night package at SELATI CAMP Ivory Suite, the most exclusive lodge in the resort, and during our stay we were supposed to celebrate our very romantic wedding. So, you can imagine how carefully we had organized everything many months earlier, including the clothes we would wear for the wedding, my dress made to measure by a famous designer, and all the accessories for a holiday which was meant to memorable.

On the evening of our arrival, while we were at the restaurant dining with the other guests, a fire completely destroyed the suite where we were staying, and we were left only with the clothes we were wearing. Everything was lost for a total worth of about 20.000 euros. Well, six months after our letters asking for the refund of the material damages and of the spoiled holiday − by the way we were not in the state of mind for going for a safari and we had to leave one day earlier in order to go to the Italian Consulate in Johannesburg to get the temporary documents to go back home − we got the reply, not even from Sabi Sabi head office but from their insurance company, that since there had been no negligence on the part of their staff, we had no right to any reimbursement!!! However, isn’t it important to investigate whether the fire was set by a cigarette lit by a chamber maid or by a lightning hitting our suite?

 So, how can we have excellence in hospitality if no tutelage is offered to guests in such a paradoxical case as this??? In their opinion, in order that we did not suffer any damage, we should have carried with us all our suitcases and their content and keep them on our laps during dinner.

We wondered why a 1200 euros per night hotel does not refund anything if you lose all your belongings in a fire occurring in that very place. The answer is as much dreadful as it is simple: as especially two different South African lawyers explained to us, Sabi Sabi Corporation denies any refund because it knows very well that a foreign tourist, although in previous cases South African law sided with the guests, has to give the Johannesburg Court of Justice a 20.000 euros deposit before starting a lawsuit in order to cover the expenses in case of loss of the judgement.


Daniela Boscotrecase, Italy